Patric Sandri

lives and works in Zurich


— MA, Royal College of Art, London

— Diploma, Lucerne, University of Applied Sciences and Arts


— Annarumma Gallery, Naples ( IT) (solo)
— peintin, Sihlquai55, Zurich (CH) (group)
— A. C. Kupper Modern, Zurich (CH) (with Adam Thompson) Softening the Marging, Zurich (CH) (group)
— Eight Canvas – One Painting, BALTSprojects, Zurich (CH) (solo)
— If Walls are Trembling, Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer, Vienna (AT) (group)
— Colors, Laurent Marthaler Contemporary, Montreux (CH) (group)
— Dallas Art Fair with LisaBird Contemporary, Dallas (USA) (group)
— Another Spray, Häusler Contemporary Zurich, Zurich (CH) (group)
— Un xed Positions, BALTSprojects, Zurich (CH) (group)
— Untitled (to), LisaBird Contemporary, Vienna (AT) (solo)

— Through Painting, Lokal Int., Bienne (CH) (with Simone Holliger)
— Interspaces, Kiosk Tabak, Zurich (CH) (solo)

— MM Editions, Muster-Meier – Contemporary, Bern (CH) (with Marcel Rickli)
— Walks, Lokal 14, Zurich (CH) (solo)
— Retortenbaby, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna (AT) (group)
— SOS – Self Organized Systems, 2nd Tbilisi Triennial, Ti is (GEO) (group)
— A Sculpture of Marmalade is a Sculpture. But it isn’t Marmalade, Kunstplattform akku Emmenbrücke / Lucerne (CH) (with Kyra Tabea Balderer)
— !Champagne!, BeatTricks, Milano (IT) (group)
— ltd. Exposition, Kiosk Tabak, Zurich (CH) (group)

— Echoes, Sihlhalle, Zurich (CH) (solo)
— Projections, Toni-Areal, Zurich (CH) (solo)
— Dock 18, Zurich (CH) (group)
— Black Holes and Concinnity, De Bord Int., Zurich (CH) (with Nora Steiner) A
— rtefakte – Was bleibt, Museum Bärengasse, Zurich (CH) (group)

— 81 Bodenplatten, Skulpturenhof WKV, Stuttgart (DE) (group)
— The Day Remains_ii, Peltz Room Gallery, London (UK) (group)
— The Industry is Cold, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (DE) (group)
— Anonyme Zeichner, Galerie Nord, Berlin (DE) (group)
— Collision (Strapazin Nr. 110), Corner College, Zurich (CH) (group)
— 25th Anniversary Varley Memorial Awards, Royal College of Art, London (UK) (group)

— Versus Vice Versa, Hockney Gallery, London (UK) (solo)
— Show RCA, Royal College of Art, London (UK) (group)

— Interim Show, Royal College of Art, London (UK) (group)
— Hung Drawn, Altered, London (UK) (group)
— 10 Gales Prize, 10 Gales Gallery, London (UK) (group)
— Man Group Drawing Prize, Royal College Of Art, London (UK) (group) F
— ail better, Hockney Gallery, Royal College Of Art, London (UK) (group)


— Project Grant, Dr. Georg und Josi Guggenheim-Stiftung (CH) 
— (Exhibition with Adam Thompson, AC Kupper Modern, Zurich, 2016)
— Project Grant, Stadt Zurich Kultur (CH)
— (Group exhibition ‘peintin’, Sihlquai55, Zurich, 2016)
— Project Grant, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zurich (CH)
— (Solo exhibition ‘Eight Canvas – One Painting’, BALTSprojetcs, Zurich, 2016) Project Grant, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zurich (CH)
— (Exhibition ‘Through Painting’, Lokal-int., Bienne, 2016)

— Project Grant, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich (AT) (2nd Tbilisi Triennial)
— Project Grant, Marti Clerici Stiftung (CH) (2nd Tbilisi Triennial)
— Project Grant, City of Salzburg (AT) (2nd Tbilisi Triennial)
— Int. Strabag Art Award (AT), nominated
— Art Tell Award (CH), shortlisted

— Int. Grant Program, Lepsien Art Foundation (DE), selected Sasso Residency (CH)

— Marti Clerici Stiftung (CH) Minerva Art Foundation (CH)
— Man Group Drawing Prize (UK), shortlisted

— Varley Award, London (UK) Atdta Foundation (CH)
— Royal College of Art Bursary (UK)

— Manuela Geiger Foundation (CH) Royal College of Art Bursary (UK)


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— A Raw Tip: Patric Sandri, Interspaces, Kiosk Tabak – Zurich (V. della Corte) Looking at Painting, Vol. 2, Published in Leeds (UK), ISBN: 978-0-9930638-1-7, Editor: Jessie Churchill

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— Up & Coming: Quartalskuratorin Q1 / 2015: Felicity Lunn (F. Lunn) Kunstbulletin: Kyra T. Balderer, Patric Sandri 5 / 2015 (Kunstbulletin) 

«Untitled», 2015, Acryl auf Holz und transparentes Polyester, 195×120cm